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Stock Trading Tools

Whether you are a stock market beginner or an experienced stock trader, here is a list of stock trading tools & software that will help you find top trending stocks.

Technical Analysis Software

MarketClub - This is a nice web based trading software that allows traders to scan for stocks using their Smart Scan and Trade Triangle Technology, advanced stock charting tools which allows you to draw trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, and much more. Visit Market Club Review to learn how the software works and our review.

TradeMiner - This trading software identifies seasonal trends and market cycles that repeat each year in stocks, futures, & forex. It will tell you what stocks tend to have relatively high (or low) returns every year in the same calendar month. For example, retail stocks like Amazon usually do well during the Thanksgiving holidays and then fall back before Christmas begins. It is this kind of insight that separates a winning stock traders from a losing trader.

Optionshouse Virtual Trading - If you are a beginner and what to practice your stock trading skills before you start trading with real money, try Optionshouse. Their virtual trading platform is exactly the same as their real trading platform except that are you not trading with real money. Paper trading is a good way to learn how the stock market works and to test out your trading strategies before you risk your money.

Forex Software - Forex Screener offers free technical analysis scan for the forex market.

Stock Market Simulator - Practice your stock trading skills with this free stock market simulator.

Penny Stocks - Stock screener for penny stocks.

Swing Trading Education

To make money trading stocks, forex, options or any other financial market, you need to constantly learning and improving yourself. Here are some trading resources that you will find helpful.

1. Forex Trendy - Understanding the myths of market trends and patterns. This is a great ebook on swing trading. The examples used in the ebook is based on forex, but the trading strategies and techniques apply well to the stock market.

2. Trading Seminars - Watch and learn from over 500 trading seminars created by professional traders. 

3. Best stock Trading Books - These are really nice technical analysis and stock charting books that every trader should read.

FREE Ebooks

1. Technical Analysis Ebook

2. 10 Keys to Successful Trading

3. Candlestick Trading pdf