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Inverted Hammer Stocks

Inverted Hammer is a candlestick pattern that produces a bullish signal for traders. When inverted hammer pattern occur on a downtrend, it is a signal that the trend might be reverse soon. Cautious traders would want to wait for a bullish confirmation whereas traders who want to take more risk would jump in on the inverted hammer pattern. To learn how candlestick trading works, check out Candlestick Trading Strategy and top 10 candlestick patterns.

Inverted Hammer

The following is a list of stocks with a inverted hammer pattern.


To learn more about stock trading, read Swing Trading Strategy.

Symbol Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Prediction
APLE 19.12 19.22 19.07 19.09 2990893 -0.16% APLE Stock Predictions
TMUS 63.48 63.81 63.34 63.40 2086200 -0.25% TMUS Stock Predictions
IDA 87.78 88.27 87.54 87.59 244600 -0.33% IDA Stock Predictions
LECO 92.10 92.80 92.00 92.28 1304100 -0.42% LECO Stock Predictions
PPC 22.91 23.21 22.80 22.84 2471100 -0.44% PPC Stock Predictions
LRN 17.75 18.16 17.51 17.57 381500 -1.24% LRN Stock Predictions
EGLT 2.26 2.39 2.21 2.23 2605189 -1.33% EGLT Stock Predictions

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