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This is a list of the top breakout stocks today and are worth watching for swing trading. Breakout penny stocks are included in this list only if they are traded on the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE. For new traders, read the Breakout Trading Strategy to learn how to trade breakout stocks.

Top Breakout Stocks

The list of top breakout stocks is updated each day after market close.


Learn how to find Trending Stocks for 2018 and start Trading Profitability

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Symbol Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Prediction
LLNW 4.65 5.25 4.64 4.99 11975237 21.71% LLNW Stock Predictions
EBIO 1.68 1.91 1.63 1.91 7881960 17.90% EBIO Stock Predictions
ERIC 7.70 7.93 7.65 7.78 38259709 17.17% ERIC Stock Predictions
TRU 64.03 67.32 64.01 66.84 3771657 10.39% TRU Stock Predictions
SSW 7.37 7.82 7.36 7.76 4515009 10.38% SSW Stock Predictions
PF 60.88 61.97 59.48 60.58 6999502 9.75% PF Stock Predictions
RCI 47.77 48.38 47.39 48.11 952300 5.11% RCI Stock Predictions
GLNG 31.73 33.18 31.66 32.39 4206194 4.86% GLNG Stock Predictions
CRH 35.54 35.61 35.19 35.34 924998 2.55% CRH Stock Predictions
NOK 6.05 6.11 5.93 5.96 24381599 2.23% NOK Stock Predictions
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